About FutureChem
I am glad you found us. Hopefully, you are too.
FutureChem Co, Ltd. produces radiopharmaceuticals for happier lives and a healthy society.

As the brainchild of a chemist and a pharmacist couple, FutureChem prioritizes endless research and development to give you the most advanced drugs currently available. We were the world¡¯s first company to commercialize [18F]FLT and [18F]FP-CIT (PDvue®), parenteral injections for the diagnosis of various cancers such as lung cancer and for the early diagnosis of Parkinson¡¯s disease. We are also in the last clinical trial phase for [18F]FC119S (AlzavueTM), a new radiopharmaceutical for the early detection of Alzheimer disease. Early detection of diseases is critical, especially in neurological diseases, because they give doctors a fighting chance to cure us completely. Whereas doctors could only rely on symptoms to diagnose these diseases before, they are now able to detect illnesses before they destroy precious nerves and organs by using our superior diagnostic tools.

Advances in medicine mean nothing if they are unaccessible to those who need it. Our new Busan Production Center, in combination with our automated production module, will begin a new era in which radiopharmaceuticals become accessible throughout Korea. Our resolute mission to be a pioneer in the field of nuclear medicine does not stop with finding new labeling techniques and radiopharmaceuticals, but extends to making it accessible to people in even the most remote areas, so that no one has to go without the benefits of advanced medicine. We promise to bring you the world¡¯s best, ethically researched and produced drugs for your family¡¯s health and happiness, no matter where you live.

I hope that once you take a look at what our drugs can do, you will be as excited for its possibilities as we are.

Dae Yoon Chi
Chairman of the Board
& Chief Executive Officer

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